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Monday, 12 September 2016

Time waits for nobody....

Freddie Mercury once sang "time waits for nobody" and i can certainly understand that lyric. Its been 3 months since my last update which shocked me a little as it seemed only the other day we were getting ready for the summer. Now as i write this we have about 2 days left of summer and then the autumn will be in the air.

And with that it brings us into the modelling season again, we have a packed program between now and the new year and we have many exciting things that will be going on in that time. One of the biggest will be that we are going to start stocking plastic kits and increase our range of kit accessories including tools. A space has already been made in the shop for the shelves and once ive found the time to put them up we can being stocking them.

You may also notice if you visit this week that we have two layouts in the shop. One is OO and called Studley, the other in N called Westleigh. The n gauge one is going to become a shop only layout whereas the oo gauge layout is my personal one and it will be appearing at the West Wiltshire Model Railway Circles open day at Steeple Ashton village hall on the 24th of September. This is another reason i havent put the new shelves up yet.

Anyway i will try and keep this updated at least once a week (im not taking bets) so keep any eye out for the latest news!

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