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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Its been a long time

Well first off an apology. I know i said i would try and update this every week and so far that has not only failed but has been withdrawn and sent to the scrapyard and promptly cut up, or at least thats what it looked like.

Whats reason behind no updates? The same one most people use, Time! As Freddie MErcury sang "Time waits for nobody" and nothing is more true in the model shop world. There is always something else to do. As i look now ive got a secondhand collection to process through, orders to place, parcels to pack and ive agreed to take a layout to the NGS agm in Corsham on the 16th of July. Only problem is the layout has no wiring and needs the scenics finishing, nothing like a challenge then!

Also as i speak my other half is busy preparing for a show which does mean we will be closed this coming Friday and Saturday 3rd and 4th so you may be dissapointed if you turn up but we will be back on Monday the 6th at 10am.

Anyway even though this is a short update it will hopefully get back on track with regular weekly updates from now on.........

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